The Accidental Tourist / Stanley & Iris

Bootleg 2005 CD (3418119881990)

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# Traccia   Durata
The Accidental Tourist
2.Main Title2:34
3.Macon Alone4:42
4.Trip to London1:54
5.The Healing Prosess5:11
6.Fixing the Plumbing on a Rainy Afternoon3:13
7.Wedding Scene2:51
8.Back With Sara4:04
9.Bedroom Conversation4:30
10.Rose and Julian2:09
11.A New Beginning3:27
12.A Second Chance / End Credits Music3:11
13.Love Theme3:22
14.The Accidental Tourist2:47
Stanley & Iris
16.Stanley and Iris3:09
17.Main Title3:24
18.Reading Lessons2:26
19.The Bicycle3:07
20.Factory Work1:23
21.Finding a Family1:41
22.Stanley at Work1:32
23.Looking After Papa3:09
24.Stanley's Invention1:17
25.Night Visit1:58
27.Putting It All Together1:45
28.End Credits3:04
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Accidental Tourist, The (1988)

Stanley & Iris (1990)

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