Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Warner Music Japan (4943674074952)
Videogioco | Data di rilascio: 10/10/2007 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Fragments of Memories - D.M.W.1:18
2.Theme of CRISIS CORE : Successor0:43
3.Mission Start3:28
4.First Mission2:53
5.The Mako city1:56
6.Patriot on a Moonlit Night1:30
8.Theme of CRISIS CORE : Dreams and Pride3:30
9.Last Order / Crisis Mix3:26
10.Burden of Truth2:09
11.Wandering on a sunny afternoon3:23
13.Controlling the Iron beast3:01
14.Theme of CRISIS CORE : Under the Apple tree4:02
15.The Summoned3:11
16.The Burdened1:35
17.On the Verge of the Assault3:07
18.The Clandestin dark suit2:26
19.The Skycraper of Iron and Steel1:25
21.Theme of CRISIS CORE : Scars of Friendship1:29
22.A Flower blooming in the Slums2:19
23.Sky-blue Eyes1:47
24.Theme of CRISIS CORE : With Pride2:15
25.Melody of Agony1:02
26.March on the Frontier2:07
27.A Moment of courtesy1:10
28.A Beating black wing3:05
29.Theme of CRISIS CORE : Truth behind the Project2:08
30.The Face of lost pride2:49
# Traccia   Durata
1.Town where the light doesn't reach3:18
2.A Changing situation1:24
3.The Mako-Controlling organization4:18
4.Theme of CRISIS CORE : To a new post1:26
5.A Closed off village2:45
6.Farewell Melody1:47
7.The Gloomy mansion1:40
8.A Momentary rest0:15
9.Prelude of Ruin1:15
10.The World's enemy3:26
11.Night of Seclusion3:47
12.Duty and Friendship1:26
13.Theme of CRISIS CORE : Chaotic Battlefield1:07
14.Wilderness of Desertion2:55
15.Melody of Resolution1:44
16.Moonlight Wandering1:57
17.An Ancient hymn sung by the Water2:58
18.Howl of the Gathered3:25
19.Those who Accept the protection of the Stars4:12
20.Soldier Battle3:02
21.The Price of Freedom3:41
23.Fulfilled Desire8:47
24.To Be continued1:28
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