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Theo's House

Quartet Records (8436035006182)
Film | Anno: 2015 | Formato: CD
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# Traccia   Durata
1.Reasons of Clara4:47
2.Theo’s House4:24
3.In the Park2:03
4.Theo’s Emotions2:47
5.Walking With Klein6:25
6.Gardener Nostalgia2:54
7.Meredit(h)ation (1)2:38
8.Content of Dream2:36
9.Daily Agony1:18
10.Moonlight Solitude4:27
11.Something More2:48
12.Location of the Dream4:23
13.Meredit(h)ation (2)2:58
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New collaboration between prestigious French composer Pascal Gaigne (Loreak, Castillos de cartón, Lasa & Zabala) and Finnish director Rax Rinnekangas, after films like The Last Days of Lucifer or Matka Enediin.

Theo’s House is a film about the power and the beauty of architecture and about a middle-age Nordic architec who, after loosing all in this life, wants once again to be a real architect and begins to create a Dream House for rest of the life, but not only for himself but also for a German woman whom he has met only once in his life, 50 years ago in their childhood.

The composer provides a surprising and emotional score conceived for piano and cello, including four jazz-based songs composed by Gaigne and performed by Ainara Ortega

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