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Babylon 5: Chrysalis

Sonic Images US (782827011222)
TV / Film TV | Data di rilascio: 18/11/1997 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
Track One
1.Into the Conference0:15
2.Death of the Informant0:43
3.Main Title1:27
Track Two
5.July is Better0:30
6.See You in an Hour1:11
7.I Knew Him0:44
8.Things to Come0:42
9.I Must See0:33
Track Three
10.Believe Me0:13
11.Send the Message0:19
12.I Don't Like Where we are Going0:36
13.I Don't Like This2:02
14.The Attack1:13
Track Four
15.He Wouldn't0:13
16.I Do Not have Much Time1:57
17.There is Someone Else0:33
Track Five
20.Too Late0:59
21.The Point of the Exercise0:33
22.She is Changing1:53
Track Six
25.End Title0:36
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