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The Danny Elfman Batman Collection
Limited Edition

La-La Land Records (826924132722)
Film | Data di rilascio: 02/12/2014 | Formato: CD
Edizione limitata: 3000 copie

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Main Title*2:42
2.Family*/First Batman*/Roof Fight*3:24
3.Jack Vs. Eckhardt*1:37
4.Up Building*/Card Snap*1:54
5.Bat Zone*/Axis Set-Up*1:55
7.Dinner Transition*/Kitchen Dinner*•/Surgery*3:00
8.Face–Off*•/Beddy Bye*3:59
9.Roasted Dude*1:03
10.Vicki Spies (Flowers)*1:56
11.Clown Attack*1:59
12.Photos*/Beautiful Dreamer*†2:30
13.Men at Work*0:33
14.Paper Spin*/Alicia’s Mask*0:30
15.Vicki Gets a Gift*1:13
16.Alicia’s Unmasking*1:10
17.Batman to the Rescue*/ Batmobile Charge*/Street Fight*4:25
18.Descent Into Mystery*1:33
19.Bat Cave*/Paper Throw*2:48
20.The Joker’s Poem*0:59
21.Sad Pictures*0:38
22.Dream*/Challenge*/Tender Bat Cave*•4:28
23.Charge of the Batmobile*1:43
24.Joker Flies to Gotham (unused)*/Batwing I*0:31
25.Batwing II*/Batwing III*6:02
26.Cathedral Chase*5:07
27.Waltz to the Death*3:58
28.Showdown I*/Showdown II*5:05
30.End Credits*1:29
# Traccia   Durata
1.The Batman Theme2:37
2.Roof Fight1:22
3.First Confrontation4:43
6.Clown Attack1:46
7.Batman to the Rescue3:57
8.Roasted Dude1:02
9.Photos/Beautiful Dreamer†2:31
10.Descent Into Mystery1:33
11.The Bat Cave2:35
12.The Joker’s Poem0:59
13.Childhood Remembered2:43
14.Love Theme•1:30
15.Charge of the Batmobile1:41
16.Attack of the Batwing4:45
17.Up the Cathedral5:05
18.Waltz to the Deat*3:56
19.The Final Confrontation3:48
21.Batman Theme Reprise1:31
22.News Theme*0:11
23.Joker’s Commercial*1:23
24.Joker’s Muzak (unused)*1:15
25.Main Title (alternate 1)*2:42
26.Photos*/Beautiful Dreamer (alt)*•2:33
27.Batman to the Rescue (original ending)*0:52
28.Charge of the Batmobile (film edit)*1:47
29.Main Title (alternate 2)*2:47
# Traccia   Durata
1.Birt* of a Penguin/ Main Title5:38
2.Penguin Spies*1:09
3.Shadow of Doom*/Clown Attack*/Introducing the Bat•5:01
4.Intro*/The Zoo•/The Lair6:00
5.Caught in the Act*/Uh-O* Max*1:58
6.Kitty Party*/Selina Transforms•5:30
7.Penguin’s Grand Deed*1:50
8.The List Begins*0:45
9.The Cemetery2:56
10.Catwoman Saves Joan*/The New Woman*2:03
11.Penguin’s Surprise1:43
12.Bad, Bad Dog•/ Batman vs. Circus/ Selina’s Shopping Spree•5:42
13.Cat Chase•2:12
14.Candidate Cobblepot*0:58
15.The Plan*/Kidnapping*2:32
16.Sore Spots/Batman’s Closet*3:22
17.The Plot Unfolds*1:15
18.Roof Top Encounters•4:49
19.Batman’s Wild Ride•4:19
20.Fall from Grace•4:17
21.Revealed*/Party Crasher*3:18
# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Umbrella Source/ The Children’s Hour/War•7:53
2.Final Confrontation•/Finale9:15
3.A Shadow of Doubt•/ End Credits•6:15
4.Face to FacePerformed by Siouxsie and the Banshees4:18
5.The Zoo (alternate)•1:00
6.The List Begins (alternate)*0:45
7.Cat Chase (alternate ending)•2:13
8.Roof Top Encounters (original)•4:49
9.Fall from Grace (alternate ending)•4:17
10.The Lair, Part I0:57
11.The Lair, Part II4:51
12.Selina Transforms, Part I1:12
13.Selina Transforms, Part II4:15
14.Batman vs. The Circus2:35
15.Cat Suite5:43
16.A Shadow of Doubt (alternate)•/End Credits (alternate)7:02
17.Super Freak*3:23
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In honor of Batman’s 75th Anniversary, La-La Land Records, Warner Bros. and WEA proudly present THE DANNY ELFMAN BATMAN COLLECTION: BATMAN / BATMAN RETURNS: LIMITED EDITION (4-CD SET). Batman swoops back into La-La Land with this thrilling re-issue of our previously out-of-print deluxe editions of Danny Elfman’s classic, original scores to the Tim Burton-directed BATMAN (1989) and BATMAN RETURNS (1992), presented together for the first time! While the programs presented on these discs are the same as found on our acclaimed initial releases, BATMAN (1989) has been newly remastered by James Nelson from recently unearthed score elements, resulting in better sound quality. (BATMAN RETURNS is the same master as our previous release.) Produced by Neil S. Bulk, Dan Goldwasser and MV Gerhard, this special release of 3000 units features gorgeous, completely re-designed packaging by Jim Titus. The 48-page booklet carries over the liner notes from our previous editions. The populace of Gotham would agree – this is one knockout presentation of two iconic scores from a legendary Dynamic Duo in its own right… Tim Burton and Danny Elfman!

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