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Ghost Ship

Colosseum (4005939641924)
Varèse Sarabande (0030206641929)
Film | Anno: 2002 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
1.The Discovery1:53
2.Falling Apart1:55
3.The Arctic Warrior1:37
4.The Deal3:16
5.The Antonia Graza3:18
6.Welcome Aboard1:53
7.How's It Going Up There?0:56
8.Falling Through0:55
9.Touring The Ship2:14
10.The Marie Celeste1:36
11.I Saw A Little Girl1:45
12.No Unexpected Guests2:12
13.Bullet Holes1:08
14.Cabina di Capitano0:57
15.Katie Appears1:47
16.Meeting the Captain2:44
17.The Bodies1:23
18.Francesca Appears1:29
19.The Freezer1:10
20.Finding Gold1:30
21.Work To Do1:53
22.Santos Dies1:23
23.My Little Box4:09
24.Go To Hell1:55
25.Bon Appetite1:58
26.Katie's Dolls1:22
27.The Ballroom Reverts1:37
28.Francesca's Theme1:00
29.Epps Meets Katie1:44
31.Katie Disappears1:14
32.The Fight2:33
35.Greer's Body0:59
36.Murphy's Body1:19
37.I Guess It's Over5:33
38.The Graza Explodes0:39
39.The Souls Ascend3:24
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