Lost in Space Volume One
The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen Volume 1

GNP Crescendo (052824804425)
TV / Film TV | Anno: 1996 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
Main Title
1.Lost In Space Main Title0:56
The Reluctant Stowaway
2.Smith's Evening/Judo Chop/On The Pad/Countdown8:54
3.Escape Velocity/Robot Control/Meteor Storm/Defrosting7:58
4.The Weightless Waltz2:30
5.The Monster Rebels/A Walk In Space/Finale7:49
Island In The Sky
6.Suiting Up/Stranglehold/The Landing/Search For John12:20
7.Tractor Play-on/Electric Sagebrush/Will Is Threatened2:30
The Hungry Sea
8.The Earthquake2:44
9.Chariot Titles/Fahrenheit A Go-Go/The Chariot Continues/Sunstorm3:41
10.Morning After/The Inland Sea/Land Ho/Strange Visitor7:54
End Title
11.Lost In Space End Title0:50
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