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Hollywood Action!

Hollywood (5410504801129)
Film | Anno: 2002 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
1.The Untouchables3:14
2.Beverly Hills Cop (axel F.)3:01
3.Raiders Of The Lost Ark (walkure)4:42
4.Top Gun (take My Breath Away)4:02
5.Streets Of Fire (i Can Dream About You)3:55
6.Miami Vice2:28
7.Goodnight Saigon3:31
8.Once Upon A Time In America2:04
9.Full Metal Jacket-sniper3:24
10.L.a. Law2:39
11.Platoon (adagio For Strings)5:13
12.The Living Daylights4:08
13.The Deer Hunter (cavatina)3:33
14.Rambo (first Blood)2:16
15.The Killing Fields3:10
16.The Mission2:45
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