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Walt Disney Records (050087169138)
Film | Data di rilascio: 16/11/2010 | Formato: CD, Digital Download

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.When Will My Life BeginMandy Moore as 'Rapunzel' 2:32
2.When Will My Life Begin (Reprise)Mandy Moore as 'Rapunzel' 1:03
3.Mother Knows BestDonna Murphy as 'Mother Gothel' 3:10
4.When Will My Life Begin (Reprise 2)Mandy Moore as 'Rapunzel' 2:06
5.I've Got a DreamBrad Garrett as 'Hook-Hand Thug,' Jeffrey Tambor as 'Big Nose Thug,' Mandy Moore as 'Rapunzel,' Zachary Levi as 'Flynn Rider' and Ensemble 3:11
6.Mother Knows Best (Reprise)Donna Murphy as 'Mother Gothel'1:38
7.I See the LightMandy Moore as 'Rapunzel' and Zachary Levi as 'Flynn Rider' 3:44
8.Healing IncantationMandy Moore as 'Rapunzel' 0:54
9.Flynn Wanted2:51
10.PrologueDonna Murphy as 'Mother Gothel' and Delaney Stein as 'Young Rapunzel' 2:03
11.Horse With No Rider1:57
12.Escape Route1:57
14.Kingdom Dance2:20
15.Waiting for the Lights2:48
16.Return to Mother2:07
17.Realization and Escape5:51
18.The Tear HealsMandy Moore as 'Rapunzel' 7:38
19.Kingdom Celebration1:51
20.Something That I WantGrace Potter2:43
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Oscars: Best Original Song: "I See the Light" (Candidato)

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