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Colosseum (4005939593629)
Varèse Sarabande (0030206593624)
Film | Anno: 1998 | Rilascio di pellicole: 1998 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Paulie Medley6:46
2.Ivy and Paulie Head Out1:37
3.Canción Del Mariachi (Morena De Mi Corazón)Bandidos de Amor2:09
4.The Bungled Burglar3:04
5.Misha's Memory1:29
6.New Discoveries/Paulie and Cat3:19
7.Estoy LocoBandidos de Amor2:13
8.Paulie's Big Flight5:03
9.Reunion With Marie3:23
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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by John Debney
Featuring 'Concion Del Mariachi' written by Los Lobos and 'Estoy Loco'

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single parrot. Whereas BABE brought the world a lovable talking pig that did blockbuster business at the box office, now PAULIE, a talking parrot, will charm both children and adults alike in this heartwarming family film from Dreamworks.

PAULIE is the first full-length feature story about a bird and contains humour that might appeal to the adult audience, some fine animal photography, superb acting and a smashing soundtrack. This parrot does not simply mimic; unlike most people, he can speak in intelligent sentences. It's no wonder that Dr. Reingold, seeing a Nobel prize in his future, views a great opportunity in owning the bird and that other folks in the film see Paulie not as a creature with his own integrity but as one who can enrich their lives as well.

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