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Sitting Pretty
1990 Studio Cast

Musical | Data di rilascio: 08/12/1992 | Formato: CD, Digital Download

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# Traccia   Durata
2.Act One: Is This Not A Lovely Spot? 
3.Act One: You Alone Would Do 
4.Act One: Worries 
5.Act One: Bongo On The Congo - Jerome Kern/P.G. Wodehoe 
6.Act One: Mr. And Mrs. Rorer 
7.Act One: Ther Isn't One Girl 
8.Act One: A Year From Today 
9.Act One: Shufflin Sam 
10.Act One Finale 
# Traccia   Durata
2.Act Two: Opening Act Two 
3.Act Two: Days Gone By 
4.Act Two: All You Need Is A Girl 
5.Act Two: Tulip Time In Sing Sing 
6.Act Two: On A Desert Island With You 
7.Act Two: The Enchanted Train 
8.Act Two: Shadow Of The Moon 
9.Act Two: Sitting Pretty 
10.Act Two: Finale Ultimo 
11.Appendix: Opening Act One (Original Version) 
12.Appendix: All The World Is Dancing Mad 
13.Appendix: I'm Wise 
14.Appendix: Just Wait 
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