Jaws 3-D

Film | Data di rilascio: 11/12/2007 | Rilascio pellicola: 1983 | Formato: CD
Edizione limitata: 3000 copie

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# Traccia   Durata
1.JAWS 3-D Main Title2:58
2.Kay and Mike's Love Theme2:17
3.Panic at Seaworld1:59
4.Underwater Kingdom and Shark Chase4:18
5.Shark Chase and Dolphin Rescue1:22
6.Saved by the Dolphins2:04
7.''The Shark's Gonna Hit Us!''2:42
8.It's Alive/Seaworld Opening Day/Silver Bullet2:33
9.Overman's Last Dive1:17
10.Philip's Demise4:57
11.Night Capture4:52
12.JAWS 3-D End Titles4:06
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World CD premiere of original soundtrack from third installment of legendary shark thriller franchise, made in 3-D, directed by Joe Alves, starring Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong, Louis Gossett, Jr. Alan Parker hits on famous John Williams shark motif, then takes off on his own. Exciting score anchors with rousing, fanfare-theme for Florida Seaworld locale. Tender moments for Kay & Mike appear but bulk of score spells danger. Parker scores for full orchestra, often gives spotlight to vibrant French horn passages. In balance are ample moments for expected see-saw cellos & basses. Intrada presents all contents of original MCA label LP direct from original stereo album masters. Alan Parker conducts. Intrada Special Collection limited release of 3000 copies. Just remember... the third dimension is terror!

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