A Dio piacendo

Film | Anno: 2014 | Rilascio pellicola: 1995 | Formato: CD

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1.21 Tracks43:07
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Marco Werba: The film score that I wrote in 1996 for the italian movie A DIO PIACENDO (aka God Willing) will be released for the first time by Cometa Label. The cast of the film included well known italian and french actors such as Corinne Clery, Ivano Marescotti, Marisa Merlini, Giovanni Visentin, Gigi Reder and Luigi Diberti. Music performed by the Pantheon Chamber Orchestra conducted by Cristina Cimagalli. PLOT: A family history of blackmail and jealousy determined by careerism. The rich engineer Gancemi is paralyzed, his daughter Valeria, to control the properties, falsifies the will of his father to exclude his brothers from their father,s will. The antagonists then reveal real faces in a film that is a metaphor for life and death, the desire for power that surrounds us.

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