The Celluloid Heroes
Celebrating 100 Years of Australian Cinema

Film | Anno: 2002 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
1.The Kelly Gang / Main Titles2:21
2.The Lumiere Brothers / Carl Hertz2:31
3.The Edison Kinetoscope Parlour0:40
4.The Melbourne Cup3:22
5.Kinetoscope Machine0:18
6.Torres Strait Islanders0:21
7.The Birth of a Nation0:44
8.69 Bourke St. Melbourne.0:59
9.Major Joe Perry1:57
10.Living Hawthorn2:35
11.Pathé Frérés2:21
12.Invention of the Newsreel1:49
14.The Banning of Bushranger Films1:46
15.Documentary Filmmakers1:05
16.Coorab in the Island of Ghosts0:30
17.In the Grip of the Polar Ice1:03
18.Pearls & Savages1:29
19.American Imports1:36
20.The Waybacks1:03
21.The Adventures of Algy1:43
22.Hollywood Distributors0:36
23.The Woman Suffers2:35
24.The Sentimental Bloke4:10
25.The Breaking of the Drought1:26
26.Snowy Baker0:49
27.The Man from Kangaroo / On Our Selection1:56
28.The Dinkum Bloke0:32
29.Monumental Cinemas0:49
30.Government Enquiry0:35
31.Lottie Lyell1:48
32.For the Term of His Natural Life3:54
33.The Moth of Moonbi1:06
34.The Far Paradise0:56
35.The Kid Stakes2:00
36.End Titles0:49
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