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L'Ultimo cacciatore

Film | Anno: 2014 | Rilascio pellicola: 1980 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
1.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 1)4:56
2.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 2 - titoli)2:16
3.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 3)1:59
4.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 4)2:20
5.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 5)1:13
6.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 6)1:04
7.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 7)0:27
8.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 8)1:13
9.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 9)0:42
10.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 10)1:01
11.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 11)0:50
12.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 12)1:33
13.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 13)1:29
14.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 14)1:30
15.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 15)0:20
16.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 16)2:49
17.Shining Shadow (canzone)3:13
18.Shining Shadow (versione strumentale II)1:54
19.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 1 - harmonica solo)4:59
20.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 17)3:37
21.L'ultimo cacciatore (seq. 18)3:32
22.Shining Shadow (versione strumentale I)1:54
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Chris' Soundtrack Corner brings to all Retro Euro Cult film score aficionados a previously unavailable title by a still living champion of the great Italian Silver Age – Franco Micalizzi.

L'ULTIMO CACCIATORE (THE LAST HUNTER) was a 1980 production {meant to capitalize on the success of APOCOLYPSE NOW and THE DEER HUNTER} from acclaimed genre director Antonio Margheriti (WILD WILD PLANET, CASTLE OF BLOOD, THE VIRGIN OF NUREMBERG). Micalizzi brought to the project a sharp, dynamic edge predicated upon his own famous and seminal inventions for the violent Italian urban crime thrillers of the 1970's – the poliziotteschi. L'ULTIMO CACCIATORE is boldly animated by a series of uncompromising themes in the idioms of funk, jazz and R&B.

Micalizzi also uses his full orchestra to supply two dramatic song-forms, one of which, 'Shining Shadow', serves as the memorable end titles ballad while the second piece is a delightfully sexy, sleazy exercise in soulful fusion. Fleshing out this comprehensive CD (every note of the score is included) are numerous and highly addictive elements: synth-based suspense cues, instrumental lounge and pop source cues, and expansive, explosive action set-pieces such as one would expect from a blood-soaked Vietnam era war film.

Currently, and for the past several years, Maestro Micalizzi has been having great success touring Italy with his Big Bubbling Band as he conducts sold-out live performances of his 70's film music. L'ULTIMO CACCIATORE is a perfect example of why these concert venues are doing so well – Micalizzi wrote scores that exist to do one thing above all else: give pleasure!

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