The Best of Doctor Who, Volume 2
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy / The Curse of Fenric / Ghost Light

Silva Screen Records (0738572104221)
TV / Film TV | Anno: 1994 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (1988)
1.The Greatest Show In The Galaxy0:54
2.Invitation To Segonax3:46
3.Bellboy And Flowerchild / Fellow ...2:22
4.The Robot Attacks1:04
5.Something Sinister1:38
6.The Circus Ring / Eavesdropping2:15
7.Stone Archway1:45
8.The Well1:04
9.Bellboy's Sacrifice2:56
10.The Werewolf / 'Request Stop'5:49
11.Playing For Time4:56
Ghost Light (1989)
12.The Madhouse3:26
13.Uncharted Territory1:37
14.Heart Of The Interior / Nimrod Observed1:48
15.Time To Emerge1:19
16.Ace's Adventures Underground1:51
17.The Memory Teller1:34
18.Homo Victorianus Ineptus1:18
19.Out Of The Shadows2:37
20.Tricks Of The Light1:31
21.Judgement In Stone2:14
22.Requiem / Passing Thoughts3:42
The Curse of Fenric (1989)
23.The Boats0:43
25.Sealed Orders1:19
26.Commander Millington0:47
27.Maiden's Point1:17
28.The Translations3:23
29.The Well Of Vergelmir1:16
30.The Ultimas Machine2:00
31.Stop The Machine!2:25
32.Vampire City! The Battle For St. Jude's / Kathleen's Escape / The Vicar and the Vampires5:14
33.The Telegram0:50
34.Evil From The Dawn Of Time1:10
35.Shadow Dimensions / The Great Serpent1:50
36.Pawns In The Game3:16
37.Black Wins, Time Lord!2:22
38.The Final Battle2:48
39.Doctor Who (End Title Theme) Ron Grainer1:12
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