Miracle on 34th Street

Film | Anno: 2002 | Rilascio pellicola: 1994 | Formato: CD
Edizione limitata: 1500 copie

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Main Title2:46
2.North Pole Moon1:16
3.The Secret2:06
4.Susan at the Window1:43
5.The People We Love2:49
6.Merry Mayfield1:59
7.I Like It0:52
8.Patty's Pleasure1:29
9.As Real As Me0:58
10.Charmin' Armin2:49
11.The Mom and the Myth1:34
12.Completely Out of His Mind1:11
13.I'm a Symbol3:12
14.Love Theme1:42
15.Susan's Christmas Wish3:05
16.The Engagement Ring2:41
17.A Big Fat Fake4:27
18.The Bellevue Carol2:12
19.Dorey Hires Counsel0:35
20.I Disgraced Myself1:42
21.Dorey's Plea1:21
22.First Witness1:01
23.Recess, Reconnoiter, Apologize2:33
24.Leading the Witness1:15
26.Susan's Christmas Card2:15
27.Case Dismissed5:07
28.Meet Me at St. Francis2:24
29.Christmas Morning3:37
30.Baby on the Way1:54
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Complete score album from the 1994 remake of 20th Century Fox's classic Christmas movie. Bruce Broughton provides a wealth of warm, original music in a festive mode for large orchestra and chorus plus an original carol for boy soprano, choir and strings. His music colors gentle, dramatic elements of the story in beautiful Americana fashion. Orchestra conducted by Bruce Broughton. Limited edition of 1500 CDs prepared directly from Fox's original digital scoring session masters.

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