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Films Soundtracks III
Great Movies Themes Collection

Film | Data di rilascio: 23/10/2013 | Formato: Digital Download

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Live and Let Die (From 'Live and Let Die')P. Baker2:45
2.You're the One That I Want (From 'Grease')Sandra Roberts L. Laina2:46
3.Star Wars Theme (From 'Star Wars')The Hollywood Orchestra3:56
4.Main Theme (From 'Superman')The Hollywood Orchestra4:35
5.Main Theme (From 'M.A.S.H.')The Hollywood Orchestra3:09
6.Once Upon a Time in America (From 'Once Upon a Time in America')Ennio Morricone2:08
7.The Valkyrie Parade (From 'Apocalipse Now')Orquesta Sinfónica De Radio Hamburgo5:26
8.Main Theme (From 'Alien')The Hollywood Orchestra5:25
9.Why Do Fools Fall in Love (From 'American Graffiti')The Clovers2:24
10.Main Theme (From 'New York, New York')Andy Smith3:15
11.Bolero (From '10')Orquesta Sinfónica De Radio Hamburgo6:39
12.Main Theme (From 'Anomino Veneziano')Orquesta Sinfónica De Radio Hamburgo2:08
13.Main Theme (From 'Love Story')The Castle Orchestra3:28
14.Oberture (From 'All That Jazz')Orquesta Sinfónica De Radio Hamburgo2:34
15.Night Fever (From 'Saturday Night Fever')The Outsiders3:19
16.Main Theme (From 'Star Trek')Kmc Orchestra1:27
17.Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind (From 'Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind')Kmc Orchestra3:48
18.Histoire D'o (From 'Histoire D'o')Tommy Williams y Orchestra2:59
19.The Deer Hunter (From 'The Deer Hunter')The Castle Orchestra2:59
20.Main Theme (From 'Bilitis')Kmc Orchestra3:13
21.Main Theme (From 'Enmanuelle')The Hollywood Orchestra3:02
22.Main Theme (From 'Jaws')The Hollywood Orchestra4:02
23.Main Theme (From 'Papillon')J. Lin Orchestra3:04
24.Pinball Wizard (From 'Tommy')The Band of Hollywood3:19
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