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Alien Nation

Kritzerland (857252002647)
Film | Data di rilascio: 03/10/2013 | Rilascio di pellicole: 1988 | Formato: CD
Edizione limitata: 1200 copie

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Tug Killed / Drug Attack 
2.Main Title 
5.Swimming Lesson 
6.Coming Home 
8.Hold Up 
9.Methane Foreman 
10.Sykes Chases Harcourt 
11.To the Beach 
12.Sweet Indulgence2 
13.Harcourt OD’s 
15.Monster Lives 
18.Prelude to Trouble 
19.Bathroom Fix / Breach 
20.Water Rescue 
21.Platinum Bomb / Main Title Revised 
22.Tell Him the Rest 
23.Chase and Fight 
24.Drug Intro 
25.Bathroom Fix 
26.A Serious Breach 
27.Platinum Bomb 
28.Slag Bar Rag 
29.Wedding Song 
30.Here Comes The Bride 
The Unused Score
31.Alien Landing 
32.Out Back 
33.Are You All Right? 
34.Take It Easy 
35.The Vial 
36.Jerry’s Jam 
37.Alien Dance 
38.Are You There? 
39.The Beach 
40.Tow Truck Getaway 
41.772 - I Shall Remember 
42.Tell Them 
43.A Game of Chicken 
45.Got a Match? 
46.A Nice View 
47.Just Ugly 
48.The Wedding 
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Kritzerland is proud to present a new limited edition release – a 2-CD set for a 1-CD price – the world premiere release of:


Composed by Curt Sobel

and a reissue of

Composed by Jerry Goldsmith

Some ideas seem like naturals – and the idea for Alien Nation was definitely a natural – aliens (Newcomers) land on Earth (in Los Angeles, naturally), and are being integrated into the population of the city, which makes the population of the city a little uneasy. It’s not that far-fetched, really, if you think about it. Directed by Graham Baker, produced by Gale Anne Hurd, with a script by Rockne S. O’Bannon, Alien Nation starred James Caan as a police detective and Mandy Patinkin as the first Newcomer to become a detective. So, we have a sci-fi film cross-pollinated with a buddy cop film and it was a surprisingly good fit and was a hit, spawning a sequel and a TV series.

The legendary Jerry Goldsmith was hired to provide the score for Alien Nation. As he’d already done a handful of times before, he wrote an electronic score. It was a dynamic synth score, but when the film underwent considerable reediting, Goldsmith was either busy with other things or disinclined to revise what he’d written. Rather than chop it up and try to make it fit the new, leaner version of the film, his score was discarded and composer Curt Sobel was brought in to compose a new one.

The differences between the scores are fascinating. First of all, Curt Sobel’s score fits the finished film like a glove. It’s occasionally heavier on the atmosphere than the Goldsmith score, playing up the noir-ish aspects of the story (especially the main title), but still with the requisite action cues. It, like the Goldsmith score, is mostly electronic. Goldsmith’s score is very propulsive, and it has a great and memorable theme – that theme was originally written for but not used in Oliver Stone’s film, Wall Street. When the Alien Nation score was discarded, Goldsmith recycled the theme one more time and the third time was the charm – for the film The Russia House.

The Jerry Goldsmith score was originally released by Varese Sarabande as a limited edition, which has been out of print for a while now. While Goldsmith was praised in the liner notes for that release, both film and Curt Sobel were given short shrift, which is a little unfair. The film is extremely entertaining, and Mr. Sobel, given a time-sensitive and difficult assignment, delivered what he was asked to deliver – a dynamic, propulsive and occasionally moody score that works for the film The scores are, as noted, very different, but both work well on their own terms. The Curt Sobel score has never been issued on CD – this is the world premiere release and it’s nice to have both Alien Nation scores available in one package. Sobel prepared an album master back in the day, and that is what we used for this CD. The Goldsmith score is basically the same as the Varese, although certain dropouts and other anomalies have been fixed.

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