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The Big Picture

Telarc Digital (0089408043727)
Telarc Digital (0089408043765)
Film | Anno: 1997 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Mission: Impossible - theme Lalo Schifrin1:33
Batman Forever by Elliot Goldenthal
2.Main title and Fanfare1:43
4.Gotham City BoogieO1:52
Apollo 13 by James Horner
6.The Apollo 13 Mission (digital sound effects)1:35
7.Re-Entry and Splashdown4:32
Speed by Mark Mancina
8.Express to L.A. (digital sound effects)0:30
9.Main title3:37
10.Crimson Tide: Roll Tide Hans Zimmer4:49
Independence Day by David Arnold
11.F-16 Fighter Squadron - Into the Battle0:40
13.Braveheart: End Credits James Horner4:46
14.Cutthroat Island: End Credits John Debney5:12
Twister by Mark Mancina
15.Tornado Terror (digital sound effects)1:34
16.The House Visit5:17
17.The Last Of The Mohicans: Main title Randy Edelman & Trevor Jones3:03
18.Dragonheart: Finale Randy Edelman5:58
19.Executive Decision: The Remora Jerry Goldsmith2:22
20.Stargate: Going Home David Arnold3:25
Jumanji by James Horner
21.Library Stampede (digital sound effects)1:29
Gettysburg by Randy Edelman
23.Main title3:56
24.Bovine Barnstorm (digital sound effects)1:52
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