Intrada (0720258710222)
Film | Data di rilascio: 19/11/2007 | Rilascio pellicola: 1979 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
The Complete Original Score
1.Main Title4:12
2.Hyper Sleep2:46
3.The Landing4:31
4.The Terrain2:21
5.The Craft1:00
6.The Passage1:49
7.The Skeleton2:31
8.A New Face2:34
9.Hanging On3:39
10.The Lab1:05
11.Drop Out0:57
12.Nothing To Say1:51
13.Cat Nip1:01
14.Here Kitty2:08
15.The Shaft4:30
16.It's A Droid3:28
17.Parker's Death1:52
18.The Eggs2:23
19.Sleepy Alien1:04
20.To Sleep1:56
21.The Cupboard3:05
22.Out The Door3:13
23.End Title3:09
The Rescored Alternate Cues
24.Main Title4:11
25.Hyper Sleep2:46
26.The Terrain0:58
27.The Skeleton2:30
28.Hanging On3:08
29.The Cupboard3:13
30.Out The Door3:02
# Traccia   Durata
The Original 1979 Soundtrack Album
1.Main Title3:37
2.The Face Hugger2:36
4.Acid Test4:40
5.The Landing4:31
6.The Droid4:44
7.The Recovery2:50
8.The Alien Planet2:31
9.The Shaft4:01
10.End Title3:08
Bonus Tracks
11.Main Title (film version)3:44
12.The Skeleton (alternate take)2:35
13.The Passage (demonstration excerpt)1:54
14.Hanging On (demonstration excerpt)1:08
15.Parker's Death (demonstration excerpt)1:08
16.It's A Droid (unused inserts)1:27
17.Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (source)1:49
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Intrada 2-CD set offers world premiere complete release of Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack to legendary Ridley Scott sci-fi horror movie. Every note of composer's intense, terrifying masterwork appears in dynamic stereo sound from newly-discovered actual 1' multi-track session masters! Generous set has complete score as originally intended, all re-scored sequences & alternates, demo mixes showcasing unusual sounds of serpent, didjeridu, giant conch plus original 1979 LP assembly, also fully remixed, remastered! Deluxe booklet offers definitive behind-the-scenes look at score controversy plus track-by-track analysis with slates, scoring changes, recording dates, more. The final word on ALIEN comes courtesy of Universal Music Group, 20th Century Fox, ace album producers Michael Matessino & Nick Redman plus enthusiastic crew of Intrada. Remember: in space no one can hear you scream! Lionel Newman conducts National Philharmonic Orchestra.

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