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Age of Empires III

Colonna sonora del gioco | Anno: 2005 | Rilascio di pellicole: 2005 | Formato: CD, Scaricare

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.Noddinagushpa (Main Title)Stephen Rippy1:12
2.Across The Ocean SeaStephen Rippy0:55
3.Get Off My BandStephen Rippy3:07
4.Felonious JunkStephen Rippy2:48
5.RuinionStephen Rippy0:58
6.A Pirate's TemperStephen Rippy1:12
7.I, MeneveroStephen Rippy2:33
8.Scruffy And UnderfedStephen Rippy0:53
9.Leisurely BrowsKevin McMullan3:16
10.A Hot MealStephen Rippy1:05
11.Bubble ChumStephen Rippy0:49
12.Of LiciousStephen Rippy2:47
13.Rest With UsStephen Rippy0:30
14.Get Ye SumKevin McMullan3:17
15.Where's My Uncle?Stephen Rippy0:50
16.MuptopStephen Rippy2:56
17.Meet These FrenchStephen Rippy0:42
18.Old TimerStephen Rippy0:28
19.Major Rewrite/ General ChunksStephen Rippy2:50
20.Take His ToesStephen Rippy0:42
21.Happy To YouKevin McMullan2:56
22.Camels, Straws, And BacksStephen Rippy0:56
23.Years In The MakingStephen Rippy0:39
24.Last Name Crane, IcabodKevin McMullan3:12
25.Ludus Perditus (The End Of Happy Times)Stephen Rippy1:06
26.Niceterium (The Sound Of One Hand Clapping)Stephen Rippy0:52
27.There Is Weather/ Decisions Are Made (End Credits)Stephen Rippy/Kevin McMullan3:25
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Stephen Rippy is a Texas-based composer with nearly two decades of experience writing and recording original soundtracks for games. Since 1997, Stephen has provided music and sound design for a wide variety of titles and platforms; notable releases include Microsoft’s Age of Empires series, the spin-off Age of Mythology, and Halo Wars, as well as free-to-play mobile apps We Farm and Adventure Bay. More recently, Stephen’s score for CastleVille won attention for its use of a live orchestra, a first for the social gaming developer Zynga.

Maintaining a separate body of work as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Stephen has independently released ten full-length albums - including 2014’s 'Mainland Static,' which features a thirteen-piece string section recorded at Abbey Road Studios - and an instrumental EP ('Points,' 2012).

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