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The World of Star Trek

ZYX Records (0090204450428)
Film | Anno: 1995 | Formato: CD

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# Traccia   Durata
The Cage
1.Star Trek Theme (Main Title)0:55
2.Doctor Bartender1:19
4.Prime Specimen3:12
7.Monster Illusion1:15
8.Monster Fight1:37
9.MThe Kibitzers0:40
10.Vena's Punishment1:49
11.Pike's Punishment0:36
13.True Love1:22
14.Lena's Dance1:53
15.Torchy Girl0:13
16.Under The Spell0:29
17.Primitive Thoughts0:27
18.Wrong Think0:44
19.To Catch A T.1:24
20.Going Up1:09
21.Max's Factor2:08
22.Star Trek Theme (End Title)1:33
Where No Man Has Gone Before
23.Main Title0:15
24.Star Date0:38
25.Episode Titles1:21
26.Force Field2:23
27.Silvery Orbs1:54
28.Crippled Ship0:58
29.Speedy Reader / Hit The Button0:56
30.On Delta-Vega0:42
31.When Your Eyes Have Turned To Silver1:02
32.Instant Paradise2:51
33.End Title And Credits0:23
34.Additional Credits0:22
# Traccia   Durata
The Doomsday Mashine
1.Star Trek (Main Title)1:04
2.Approach Of Enterprise / The Constellation1:12
3.Going Aboard1:39
4.Commander Matt Decker / The Crew That Was2:03
5.What Is Doomsday Machine / The Planet Killer2:01
6.Strange Boom / Decker Takes Over2:54
7.The New Commander / Light Beams / Tractor Beam4:11
8.Violent Shakes3:06
9.Spock Takes Command / Decker's Foil / Sneaky Commodore2:33
10.Goodbye Mr. Decker3:14
11.Condolences / Power Drain1:16
12.Kirk Does It Again3:50
13.One's Enough0:25
Amok Time
14.Vulcan Fanfare / Prying0:50
15.Mr. Spock1:26
16.Contrary Order2:59
18.Marriage Council1:54
20.The Processional1:38
21.The Challenge3:05
22.The Ritual / Ancient Battle / 2nd Kroykah6:10
23.Remorse / Marriage Council II1:15
24.Resignation / Lazarus Return / Pig's Eye0:45
25.Star Trek (End Title)0:48
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