The Big Caper
Kronos Records - KRONGOLD047

Kronos Records 01/04/2023 CD - 300 copie
Film Rilascio pellicola: 1957

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Main TItle1:30
2.A Million Dollars0:23
3.In San Felipe0:30
4.The Dinner Music1:53
5.The Cop In The Gas Station0:33
6.The House0:16
7.I'm Going To Bed0:39
8.I'm Through With Flood0:38
9.No Dice0:51
10.Zimmer Arrives1:26
11.Zimmer And The Match0:38
12.Roy And The Phonograph3:16
13.Room 1381:44
14.Roy Gets A Beating1:04
15.Roy Watches Doll0:27
16.Zimmer Goes Upstairs0:55
17.The Little Dog0:39
18.Roy Strangles Doll1:18
19.The Barbecue Dance1:44
20.Mary At The Window2:06
21.Benny At The Highschool1:20
22.The Explosion1:05
23.Roy Is Hammering0:46
24.End Title2:36
25.Wild Drums0:20
26.Zimmer And The Match (alt)0:38
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