Strange World

Walt Disney Records 23/11/2022 Digital Download
Film Rilascio pellicola: 2022

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# Traccia Artista/Compositore Durata
1.They're The Clades!James Hayden1:05
2.A Conflict of Visions3:48
3.Avalonia Part I1:37
4.Avalonia Part II1:07
5.Searcher's Quest2:27
6.The Descent3:43
7.Abundance of Life0:57
8.Crazy Creatures1:19
10.The Misadventures of Ethan Clade2:54
11.The Tale of Jaeger Clade2:59
12.Flesh and Blood1:26
13.Friend or Foe?1:31
14.Attack of the Reapers3:28
15.Voyage to the Heart2:08
16.Skin in the Game2:06
17.Flight of the Poot Pickles1:27
18.Winning Ways1:45
19.Like Father, Like Son1:25
20.In My Element1:27
21.The Heart of Pando3:24
22.An Eye-Opener2:55
23.Change of Plan1:55
24.A Great Effort3:11
25.The Fate of Strange World2:15
27.Farewell to Arms1:38
28.A New Perspective2:15
29.End Credit Suite2:30
30.Strange World Overture3:45
31.They're The Clades! (Reprise)James Hayden1:19
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