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Echoes of Innocence

Film | Anno: 2006 | Formato: Digital Download

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Main Title2:44
2.Sarah's Speech1:17
3.Remembering Christopher4:24
4.Visiting Violet1:43
5.Sarah's First Vision1:50
6.Who's Alec Stainer1:08
7.Done With You / Premonition2:00
8.Childhood Memories1:04
10.Christopher's Departure1:28
11.Katy's Confession1:33
12.The Interview2:58
13.Joan of Arc0:59
14.I Hear Things1:32
15.What Is the Glory of Kings ?1:28
16.The Chapel1:19
18.Outside Violet's1:03
19.Recommitment / Sarah's Second Vision6:27
20.Why Did I Love Him ?3:47
21.Midsummer Night's Play1:38
22.Into The Woods / The Rescue7:38
23.Christopher Returns / The Wedding5:18
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