The Automat

MovieScore Media 23/09/2022 Digital Download
Film Rilascio pellicola: 2022

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# Traccia   Durata
1.(Nothing Like the Coffee) At the Automat (Mel Brooks)2:23
2.One of the Greatest Inventions1:35
3.How an Automat Works1:54
4.Horn and Hardart1:55
5.I Loved the Automat1:48
6.A Twist of Fate3:13
7.Mel and the Automat1:42
8.The Automat Had Panache1:39
9.The Early Bird1:12
10.Hustle and Bustle2:14
11.The Commissary Model1:41
12.Automat Celebrities1:24
13.Once Upon a Nickel1:56
14.All Kinds of People1:50
15.Daly Mistakes2:15
16.Something Unique and Special1:50
17.Not Just a Business1:45
18.That Was the End2:37
19.I Wish Somebody Could Bring It Back1:38
20.About the People4:04
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