Love, Death & Robots: Season 3

Lakeshore Records 30/09/2022 Digital Download
TV / Film TV Rilascio pellicola: 2019

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Craters (Rob Cairns)1:03
2.Seasteading (Rob Cairns)1:43
3.It's Magnificent (Rob Cairns)0:54
4.Extreme Democracy Quintet (Rob Cairns)1:06
5.Liftoff (Rob Cairns)0:54
6.Io / Tank Rupture (Rob Cairns)3:26
7.Wake Up (Rob Cairns)1:21
8.Formations (Rob Cairns)1:42
9.What Does This Sound Like? (Rob Cairns)1:25
10.Electromagnetic Spectrum (Rob Cairns)2:18
11.One Last Dream Before Dying (Rob Cairns)2:38
12.Open (Rob Cairns)1:17
13.Fire and Forget (Rob Cairns)1:15
14.Her Name Was Susan (Rob Cairns)0:41
15.Uncrating The TT15 (Rob Cairns)1:16
16.Battle (Rob Cairns)1:35
17.I Salute Your Bravery (Rob Cairns)0:50
18.We Got These Fuckers Now (Rob Cairns)4:17
19.Light Em Up (Rob Cairns)1:03
20.Guard What? (Rob Cairns)1:40
21.Contact Rear (Rob Cairns)1:09
22.Release Me (Rob Cairns)2:41
23.From Black to Blood (Jason Hill)2:20
24.Me Eat Meat (Jason Hill)2:43
25.As You Must Now With Me (Jason Hill)3:12
26.Put It to a Vote (Jason Hill)3:27
27.Babies (Jason Hill)1:54
28.Mutiny (Jason Hill)1:54
29.We Have Arrived (Jason Hill)3:41
30.Bad Travelling Closing Titles (Jason Hill)1:11
31.Adrift On Ancient Chemical Tides (Tom Holkenborg)6:31
32.Genetic Protocal (Shwan Askari)3:34
33.Parasites (Tom Holkenborg)4:05
34.Tachi (Jibaro) (Killawatt)2:02
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