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Interview with Christopher Tyng

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Lingua: Inglese

Registrato da Oscar Flores sopra 2013-02-22

Christopher Tyng is a songwriter, composer and producer who has worked with a wide variety of succesful artists, and has written music and songs for successful movies and television series in Hollywood over the past 20 years. Probably best known for his work on the popular animated series, FUTURAMA, Chris is currently scoring the USA Network show, SUITS, and is actively involved in his own endeavor — GROW MUSIC PROJECT. A launchpad for emerging and deserving independent bands and artists, the Grow Music Project offers selected applicants the opportunity to have their most promising song professionally produced, recorded, and mixed in Tyng’s world-class recording studio over a 2-3 day intensive studio session. In this new edition of Composer Talk, Christopher Tyng discusses in depth his music for Futurama.


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