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INOM 22/07/2022 CD (0196587087210)
Série TV/Film de TV Sortie du film: 2022


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# Track   Duration
1.Libertine Theme 
2.Tango Bizarre 
3.Druglord Panic 
5.Vintage Modern 
6.Wish You Were There 
7.The Weak Heart 
9.Ode to Confusion in A Minor 
10.La Shay' Jadid Taht Alshams 
11.The Real Me 
12.Here's That Sunny Day 
13.Perfect Horizon 
14.Sea Slumber 
16.The Hunted Are in the Clear 
17.Northern Hemispheres 
18.Ordinary Folks 
19.Distant Spring 
20.Funky Chicken 
21.Code to the Vault 
22.Two Mermaids 
23.Rags to Riches 
25.Red & White 
26.Headfirst Into The Storm 
27.Ballad of the Libertine in G Minor 
28.Lost in San Marino 
29.Rhodes Rat 
30.Måndag i Stockholm 
31.Mother of One 
32.Vielleicht Später 
33.Battle For Love 
34.Night Life 
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