Halt And Catch Fire
Fire Records - FROST001 Lakeshore Records LLC Deluxe Edition Limited White Vinyl

Lakeshore Records
Fire Records 30/06/2017 Vinyle - Edition limitée


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# Track   Duration
Side A
1.Golden Gate2:06
2.A Wolf In Unix1:16
3.The Scenic Route1:49
4.First Day On The Job1:16
5.It Speaks4:20
6.Reverse Engineering2:25
7.Security Is A Myth3:02
8.The Morning After2:22
9.Rooftop Fireworks1:17
10.I Need A Little Time1:08
# Track   Duration
Side B
1.Western Arrivals1:35
2.The Slingshot1:16
4.The Way In0:32
5.Run Time0:30
6.Last Nerve0:57
7.Gordon Steals A Cabbage Patch2:32
8.The Cost Of Doing Business1:50
9.Joe's Truth2:03
10.Go Get The Bike1:24
11.The End Of Donna's Day1:04
12.It's Not Right1:23
13.MacMillan Utility1:51
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