Nanny McPhee


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.They've Eaten The Baby!2:42
2.No More Nannies1:24
3.Secret Toast And Jam2:30
4.A Clockwork Mouse1:03
5.The Pink Chair1:00
6.I Did Knock6:02
7.Goodnight, Children4:25
8.Measle Medicine1:31
9.Soup De Jour1:11
10.I Smell Damp1:40
11.Barnyard Fashion1:37
12.Lord Of The Donkeys0:39
13.THe Girl In The Carriage3:20
14.Kites In The Sky2:26
15.The Room At The Top Of The Stairs1:43
16.Toad In The Teapot3:39
17.Our Last Chance2:17
18.Mrs. Brown's LullabyEmma Thompson1:20
19.The Lady In Blue2:04
20.Bees And Cakes3:45
21.Snow In August7:03
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Nanny McPhee - 10/10 - Critique de Matys Mith, ajouté le
Une B.O drôle, émouvante. Je la conseille à tous les amateurs de musique de film. Tout les morceaux portent la marque du grand Patrick Doyle: romantisme, comique etc...
Le meilleur morceau est de loin 'Snow in August' avec le London Symphony Orchestra au complet, c'est le morceaux le plus romantique, le plus joyeux, je pleure de joie et de bonheur chaque fois que je l'écoute. Bravo Patrick Doyle!
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music composed by Patrick Doyle
(Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, A Little Princess, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Henry V)

London Symphony Orchestra

As father of seven of the naughtiest children in the world, Mr. Brown has lost control. Seventeen nannies have been driven away and he has lost all hope of ever finding another. But then, one day, a mysterious and magical figure turns up at the door. Her name is Nanny McPhee. With her bizarre looks and special powers, it seems that the Brown children may finally have found their match.

The screenplay for Nanny McPhee was written by Emma Thompson and is an adaptation of the “Nurse Matilda” books, written in the early 1960s by Christianna Brand. The story is set in the late Victorian/early Edwardian England in a small village on the edge of London.

Emma Thompson, the only person to have won Academy Awards for both acting and writing, also plays the title role, opposite Colin Firth, Kelly McDonald and Angela Lansbury. Kelly McDonald, who recently starred as Peter Pan in Finding Neverland, joins the cast as Evangeline, the kindly scullery maid, while Angela Lansbury, winner of six Golden Globe Awards and four Tony Awards, makes a welcome return to the big screen after an absence of two decades. The impressive cast also includes Celia Imrie, and BAFTA winner, Imelda Staunton (Vera Drake).

The wondrous and fantastical score is by composer Patrick Doyle, one of the finest of all contemporary film composers and is performed by the world-famous London Symphony Orchestra. Patrick Doyle’s fame began with his monumental score for Kenneth Branaugh’s acclaimed production of Henry V. Doyle’s exceptional music has been heard in such films as Sense and Sensibility, Hamlet, A Little Princess, Gosford Park and Calendar Girls. Doyle’s next score is the blockbuster Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, due this November.
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