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Ben Bagley's Vincent Youmans Revisited

Kritzerland 22/10/2021 CD - 500 copies


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# Track   Duration
1.Drums In My Heart Charles Rydell and the Boys 
2.Happy Because I’m in Love Blossom Dearie 
3.Mean Man Dorothy Loudon 
4.Come On and Pet Me Mary McCarty 
5.I Want to Be with You Blossom Dearie and Charles Rydell 
6.Say, Young Men of Manhattan Cab Calloway 
7.Keeping Myself for You Maureen Stapleton 
8.Oh Me, Oh My Blossom Dearie and Charles Rydell 
9.Rise and Shine Charles Rydell and the Boys 
10.I’m Glad I Waited Maureen Stapleton 
11.The Love I Long For Dorothy Loudon 
12.The One Girl Charles Rydell and the Boys 
13.Should We Be Sweet? Dorothy Loudon and Blossom Dearie 
14.He Came Along Gloria DeHaven 
15.Great Day (Grand Finale) Dorothy Loudon and the Entire Company 
Additional Songs
16.I Want a Man Ann Hampton Callaway 
17.Who Am I That You Should Care for Me? Dorothy Loudon 
18.April Blossoms Mary Cleere Haran 
19.More Than Ever Ann Hampton Callaway 
20.Like He Loves Me Arthur Siegel and Dorothy Loudon 
21.My Lover Ann Hampton Callaway 
22.You’re Everywhere Mary Cleere Haran 
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