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Free! Ever Blue Sounds

Lantis 02/10/2013 Téléchargement


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Rage on (TV size)OLDCODEX1:36
2.A boy in the water2:22
3.Taste the satisfaction1:53
4.Rhythm of port town2:03
5.Innocent boy1:51
6.Revelry of student2:00
7.Funny group2:22
8.Woe is me!1:36
9.Formal horror2:06
10.Old days2:16
11.Words that changed my life2:37
12.Aggressive groove1:48
13.Diving & Spray1:37
14.Sparks crackled1:36
15.Great nostalgia2:17
16.To depths of blue1:48
17.Painful incident2:26
18.Analysis mania1:48
19.Comical theory2:03
20.Otoboke time1:51
21.Timid boy2:04
22.Strong rival team1:47
23.Rival and friendship1:53
24.Let's go to camp1:53
25.Enjoy the tropical2:01
26.Beautiful sea2:16
27.Dangerous situation2:05
28.Crisis of life2:02
29.Memory of the past2:41
30.I need you3:00
31.Night sky & ever blue2:35
32.Melody of ever blue2:33
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Brilliant swim2:16
2.Strong swim1:58
3.Swim toward the hope2:18
4.Fear of defeat2:00
5.Sound of sunset2:01
6.Eternal friendship2:14
7.Serious game2:10
8.Sense of defeat2:05
9.Like Holmes1:55
10.Clownish performance1:32
11.Cute relationship1:58
12.Family noise1:49
13.Honest feelings1:54
14.Time of competing2:00
15.Not alone2:01
16.Lonely swim2:16
17.Confusion of my mind1:50
18.Frustrating to you1:57
19.Tenderness of teammate1:46
20.Purpose of my mind2:41
21.Passionate theory1:52
22.Coming of despair1:57
23.Real feeling4:56
24.Feelings and emotions3:41
25.Cherry blossoms1:27
26.Ever BlueStyle Five5:11
27.Trailer of Free! part.10:27
28.Trailer of Free! part.20:27
29.FrFr! Opening0:11
30.FrFr! Ending0:20
31.Welcome to the world of "Free!"2:07
32.Splash Free (TV size)Style Five1:33
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