The 20th Century Fox Years: Volume 1 - 1936-1938

Sepia Records 01/07/2021 CD (5055122113683)


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.It's Love I'm AfterBetty Grable & Johnny Downs 
2.The BalboaJudy Garland, Dixie Dunbar & Betty Grable 
3.You Do The Darndest Things, BabyTony Martin & Dixie Dunbar 
4.You're Slightly TerrificTony Martin & Dixie Dunbar 
5.It's Love I'm AfterJudy Garland 
6.Where The Lazy River Goes ByTony Martin & Barbara Stanwyck 
7.There's Something In The AirTony Martin 
8.St. Louis BluesHall Johnson Choir 
9.Vote For Honest AbeEddie Cantor & Tony Martin 
10.Laugh Your Way Through LifeEddie Cantor 
11.Swing Is Here To Sway Pt.1Eddie Cantor & The Peters Sisters 
12.Swing Is Here To Sway Pt.2Eddie Cantor & The Peters Sisters 
13.Swing Is Here To Sway (Reprise)The Peters Sisters 
14.I've Got My Heart Set On YouTony Martin 
15.I've Got My Heart Set On You (Reprise)Tony Martin 
16.Rhumba Goes NutsThe Ritz Brothers 
17.Rhumba Goes CollegiateJoan Marsh & Tony Martin 
18.Big Chief Swing ItJoan Davis & Joan Marsh 
19.Why Talk About Love?Tony Martin & Gloria Stuart 
20.The Language Of LoveDon Ameche 
21.I Wanna Be In Winchell's ColumnDick Baldwin 
22.Be A Good SportThe Brewster Twins 
23.Broadway's Gone Hawaiian: Pt. 1 & 2Ruth Terry & The Peters Sisters 
24.What A Beautiful BeginningTony Martin 
25.What A Beautiful BeginningTony Martin & Leah Ray 
26.Whoa Whoopee, Whoa YippeeJane Withers 
27.You Are The Music To The Words In My HeartEthel Merman 
28.Hot And HappyEthel Merman 
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Here Am I Doing ItGeorge Murphy & Marjorie Weaver 
2.Hold That Co-Ed / Limpy DimpGeorge Murphy & Joan Davis 
3.You Made Me That WayDolores Del Rio 
4.This is A Happy Little DittyShirley Temple, Joan Davis, Bert Lahr & Bill Robinson 
5.I Love To Walk In The RainShirley Temple & Bill Robinson 
6.It's The Strangest ThingTony Martin 
7.Moonshine Over KentuckyTony Martin & The Brian Sisters 
8.You're GorgeousTony Martin 
9.Sing A Song Of HarvestMarjorie Weaver & The Brian Sisters 
10.Isn't It Wonderful, Isn't It Swell?Tony Martin 
11.If All The World Were PaperShirley Temple 
12.Be OptimisticShirley Temple & The Brian Sisters 
13.We Should Be TogetherShirley Temple & George Murphy 
14.Swing Me An Old Fashioned SongShirley Temple 
15.Could You Pass In Love?Buddy Ebsen & Joan Davis 
16.This May Be The NightSonja Henie, Richard Greene, Buddy Ebsen & Joan Davis 
17.Alone With YouPhyllis Brooks & Jack Haley 
18.Alone With You (Reprise)The Peters Sisters 
19.Happy EndingShirley Temple 
20.Happy EndingPhyllis Brooks & The Peters Sisters 
21.An Old Straw HatShirley Temple 
22.Dreamland Choo Choo To Lullaby TownShirley Temple 
23.Broadcast MedleyShirley Temple 
24.Toy TrumpetShirley Temple 
25.With You On My MindEthel Merman 
26.Why Not String Along With Me?Ethel Merman 
27.Thanks For EverythingTony Martin & Jack Oakie 
28.You're The World's FairestTony Martin 
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