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Gulliver's Travels & Mr. Bug Goes To Town

Sepia Records 01/07/2021 CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Introduction & Gulliver's Travels Main TitleThe Paramount Studio Orchestra 
2.All's WellPinto Colvig 
3.FaithfulJessica Dragonette 
4.ForeverLanny Ross 
5.Bluebirds In The MoonlightThe Paramount Studio Orchestra 
6.It's A Hap-Hap-Happy DayThe Paramount Studio Orchestra 
7.A Whale Of A Tale!Pinto Colvig & Sam Parker 
8.Faithful ForeverJessica Dragonette, Lanny Ross, Sam Parker & Tedd Pierce 
9.All's Well (reprise)Pinto Colvig 
10.Cheerio (outtake)Leo Robin 
11.Faithful (demo)Company 
12.Forever (demo)Company 
13.I Hear A DreamLanny Ross 
14.Faithful Forever (demo: duet version)Company 
15.Pussyfoot'in Around (outtake)Leo Robin 
16.Faithful ForeverLanny Ross 
17.Faithful Forever (demo: finale version)Leo Robin & Company 
18.Gulliver's Travels Film Selection #1Vera Lynn, Jack Cooper & Evelyn Dall 
19.All's WellVictor Young & his Orchestra with soloists 
20.We're All Together NowVictor Young & his Orchestra & Chorus 
21.It's A Hap-Hap-Happy DayVictor Young & his Orchestra with soloists 
22.Bluebirds In The MoonlightVictor Young & his Orchestra with soloists 
23.FaithfulVictor Young & his Orchestra with soloists 
24.ForeverVictor Young & his Orchestra with soloists 
25.Faithful ForeverVictor Young & his Orchestra with soloists 
26.I Hear A DreamVictor Young & his Orchestra with soloists 
27.Gulliver's Travels Songs & Scenes Studio Adaption #1Jay Wilbur & his Band with soloists 
28.I Hear A DreamVera Lynn 
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Opening Announcement & It's A Hap-Hap-Happy DayMeredith Willson & his Orchestra 
2.Introduction & Gulliver's Travels MedleyAl Goodman & his Orchestra 
3.All's WellAl Goodman & his Orchestra & Company 
4.FaithfulJessica Dragonette 
5.ForeverLanny Ross 
6.It's A Hap-Hap-Happy DayAl Goodman & his Orchestra & Chorus 
7.Bluebirds In The MoonlightAl Goodman & his Orchestra & Chorus 
8.We're All Together NowAl Goodman & his Orchestra & Chorus 
9.Faithful ForeverLanny Ross & Jessica Dragonette 
10.The Making of Gulliver's TravelsLanny Ross, Jessica Dragonette & Dave Fleischer 
11.Gulliver's Travels Film Selection #2Sam Browne & Evelyn Dove 
12.All's WellCraig McDonnell with soloists 
13.Faithful ForeverCraig McDonnell with soloists 
14.It's A Hap-Hap-Happy DayCraig McDonnell with soloists 
15.Bluebirds In The MoonlightCraig McDonnell with soloists 
16.Faithful Forever & We're All Together NowCraig McDonnell with soloists 
17.Faithful Forever & I Hear A DreamCraig McDonnell with soloists 
18.Gulliver's Travels Songs & Scenes Studio Adaption #2Billy Thorburn & Company 
19.It's A Hap-Hap-Happy DayCelia Lipton 
20.Introduction & Mr. Bug Goes To Town Main TitleThe Paramount Studio Orchestra 
21.Boy, Oh Boy!The Paramount Studio Orchestra & Chorus 
22.Katy-Did, Katy-Didn'tStan Freed & Pauline Loth 
23.I'll Dance At Your Wedding (Honey Dear)The Paramount Studio Orchestra & Chorus 
24.We're The Couple In The CastleKenny Gardner 
25.Mr. Bug Goes To Town Closing MedleyCompany 
26.Boy, Oh Boy!The Swingmasters with Frankie Masters & his Orchestra 
27.We're The Couple In The CastleFrankie Masters & Phyllis Myles 
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