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The Trial

Rob Pottorf Music 12/02/2019 Téléchargement
Film Sortie du film: 2010


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# Track   Duration
2.I Can Order You To Do This0:47
3.You Don't Kill Someone You Love2:22
4.The Decision1:08
5.The Apartment1:23
6.Setting It Up0:33
7.The Group Session0:54
8.Seeks the Death Penalty1:42
9.I'm Really Glad You Came0:21
10.Sorry to Hear About His Family0:47
11.That's Our Man0:47
12.You're Goin' Down0:44
13.State Calls Lt. Monroe0:30
14.You Blew It, Mac1:05
15.Dr. Lewis Newburn0:24
16.The Doctor Takes the Stand2:34
17.I'm Sure It Is0:16
18.Reading the Email1:53
20.The Verdict1:48
21.Remembering When1:50
22.Life Sentence0:43
24.The Doctor Visits Mac5:10
25.I'm Free2:10
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