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Alba: a Wildlife Adventure

El Volcán Música 09/06/2021 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Alba the Adventurous1:01
2.Along the Path2:02
3.Good Morning!0:22
4.By the Seashore0:44
5.The Pine Grove1:26
6.Ducks Waddling0:7
7.Squirrels in the Bushes2:10
8.Sunset at the Orchard1:52
9.The Marshes1:43
10.The Harrier of the Marshes0:6
11.Breeze in the Farmyard1:44
12.Cançó de Bressol2:02
13.Sheep Grazing in the Field2:14
14.A Summer Night1:53
15.The Lynx2:21
16.Fox Footprints0:17
17.Mayor Regrets1:18
18.Good Night!0:20
19.Rosemary & Thyme1:38
20.Ducks Flying0:9
21.Chickens and Donkeys1:03
22.A Walk Near The Lake1:57
23.The Ruins of a Castle2:46
24.A Flock of Seagulls1:02
25.The Fire0:42
26.The Persecution2:02
27.Town Festival2:28
28.­A Bailar La Cumbia!1:59
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