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Children Are Happy



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# Track   Duration
1.Children are happy (Start)0:56
2.The first day of Dai's transfer1:51
3.The way to hang out with you1:07
4.The first time to visit hideout1:37
5.Our world1:18
6.Closing curtains1:51
7.Children are happy (Home)1:45
8.Family in the house2:41
9.Farewell to grandma0:42
10.A rainy day1:56
11.Hey! I go0:39
12.With Sia0:42
13.Let's be a liar!0:57
14.Our journey (Acoustic Ver.)1:30
15.A tiring walk1:19
16.Our journey (Country Ver.)0:49
17.How can I leave you alone0:31
18.Run away!0:50
19.In a police car2:49
20.Final greetings1:32
21.Mom's fairy tale book4:20
22.New start with dad0:52
23.Children are happy (Guitar Ending)0:57
24.Let's play more3:02
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