Victorian Edwardian

Cavendish Music 29/06/2009 Téléchargement
Cavendish Music 1988 CD (7331390010137)


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# Track   Duration
1.My Lord's Mazurka3:19
2.The Lonely Colliery2:30
4.Drawing Room Serenade3:26
5.Unrequited Love5:26
6.The Empire Rag3:08
7.I Say, I Say, I Say3:04
8.Melancholy Afternoon2:10
9.Rain, Steam And Speed3:06
10.Hyde Park Parade3:20
11.The Grand Waltz2:18
12.Crown Ceremonial3:18
13.The Bittersweet Waltz4:22
14.Parisienne Cafe2:12
15.Bavarian Cafe2:43
16.Italian Cafe2:10
17.Dying Embers3:26
18.At The Ritz2:45
19.What The Butler Saw1:38
21.On The Promenade2:31
22.Messing About On The River2:33
23.Trouble At Mill3:38
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