Geffen 1992 Téléchargement
Film Sortie du film: 1992


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
2.Discovering The Neighborhood2:22
3.Ciao, Baby0:40
4.Ted And The Bullies2:34
5.Beethoven To The Rescue2:10
6.A Stroll Through Town1:40
7.Puppy Snatchers3:00
8.The Dog Has To Go2:02
9.Table Spin0:49
10.Sparkie's Chase1:49
11.George Gets Turned On1:26
12.Family In Pursuit1:38
13.The Break-In1:51
14.Our Heroes2:19
15.The Dogs Let Loose1:23
16.A Sad Return2:19
17.Ryce's Theme1:28
18.Roll Over BeethovenPaul Shaffer And The World's Most Dangerous Band4:42
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Beethoven (1992)

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