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The Last Boy Scout / The Krays

Bootleg (3418119911990)
Film | Date: 2000 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
Last Boy Scout
1.Main Title0:49
2.The Game Of Billy Cole's Life4:53
3.Joseph C. Hallenbeck, P.I.1:35
4.A Look In The Mirror1:02
5.Flashback #11:23
6.Jimmy And Cory1:11
7.Street Ambush On Cory2:51
8.At The Police Station1:37
9.Flashback #20:34
10.In The Parking Garage2:21
11.Cory's Place Visited0:57
12.The Bathroom0:57
13.Blackmail Evidence1:11
14.C-4 In The Trunk3:40
15.A Handshake0:30
16.Middle Names0:38
17.Jimmy's Story2:02
18.A Punch For Dix3:15
19.Surviving The Fall1:15
20.Joe Is Kidnapped1:02
21.Jimmy Calls Mom1:08
22.Surprised By Darian1:35
23.Fur Ball / Shootout In The Woods1:47
24.The Highway Chase4:05
25.Entering The Stadium1:24
26.Fireside Explosion1:06
27.Assassination Attempt / Joe Vs. Milo3:43
28.A Little Jig Dance0:56
29.Reconciled / Finale3:09
30.Silver Pictures Logo0:20
The Krays
31.Shall I Tell You My Dream3:47
32.A Demon In My View0:20
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