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Ary and the Secret of Seasons

Materia Collective 18/08/2020 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Ary, Guardian of Seasons2:46
2.A Special Story3:21
3.Yule Town2:07
4.Ary Battles1:38
5.Fall of the Crystals0:47
6.Winter Region1:40
7.Meeting the Guardians1:28
8.The Dome of Seasons2:45
9.Fools of Valdi1:12
10.Summer Region1:33
11.Lamm-ice-stide City1:38
13.Spring Region1:41
14.Welcome to Ostara1:42
15.Don't Steal This Info1:43
16.The Dance1:47
17.Minor in the Mine0:39
18.The Mine1:44
21.Lammastide City2:13
22.Hyena Hideout0:36
23.Summer Temple2:16
24.The Wise Whale2:11
25.Spring Temple1:50
26.The Elder Golem1:35
27.Autumn Region1:51
28.Autumn Temple1:46
29.The Snapper1:36
30.Winter Temple3:04
31.The Frozen Phoenix1:51
32.The Cartographer4:14
33.The Final Battle2:31
34.Unmasked Farewells2:38
35.The Legendary Warrior3:08
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