Young Guns II / Mac and Me

Film | Date: 1997 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
Young Guns II
1.Main Titles (from 'Young Guns II')2:08
2.Billy Discovered1:37
3.The Shootout1:37
4.Doc And Chavez Captured2:06
5.Lynch Mob1:47
6.On The Run2:28
8.Sheriff Pat Garrett1:31
9.The Indians1:34
10.White Oaks2:32
11.Young Guns Theme2:45
12.Tom Dies1:37
13.It's Over3:0
14.Hasta La Vista1:49
15.Young Guns Theme (Alternate Version)2:45
Mac And Me
16.Mac And Me Overture4:27
17.Mac's Planet4:09
18.Lab Escape2:43
19.Observing The House1:38
20.House Destruction1:17
21.Into The Water2:56
22.Vacuum Cleaner Attack4:08
23.The Newspaper0:40
24.Mac's Car Adventure1:21
25.The Chase3:34
26.Mac's Theme4:05
28.Eric's Revival / Conclusion4:21
American Anthem
29.Suite (from 'American Anthem')5:59
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