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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Square Enix Music 05/06/2019 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Tempus Bellum1:52
2.The Beginning of the End4:27
3.Guided Conclusion1:03
4.Three Hours That Changed the World4:02
5.Wings of Fire4:03
6.Horror of the Abyss3:49
7.Divine Fire2:05
8.Arms of Steel4:18
9.War: Warrior Worth a Thousand3:26
10.Servant of the Crystal2:33
11.Choose How to Die5:00
12.Arecia Al-Rashia3:32
13.Crystal Guide Us3:13
14.Time of Tranquility3:05
16.Erased Memories3:15
17.A Day Like Any Other3:49
18.Machina Kunagiri2:44
19.War: Unseen Peace4:27
20.Show of Power3:32
21.Untainted Eyes3:32
22.Rem Tokimiya3:23
23.The Forlorn Heart2:29
24.That Which Quivers4:24
25.Raise the Vermilion Banner4:31
26.The Heart Boils3:24
27.The Earth Under Our Feet2:54
29.War: Recapture4:42
30.War: That Which Stands in the Way1:19
31.White Thunder4:34
32.War: The White Weapons3:14
33.Kind Tears3:53
34.War: Life of Darkness4:48
35.War: That Which Lurks4:29
36.War: Breaking Through5:18
37.War: Howl of the Dreadnought2:52
38.The Vanishing Soul3:29
39.The Azure Spirit3:44
40.Swaying Thoughts4:17
41.War: Pursuit3:58
42.Human Strengths and Weaknesses4:36
43.Your History and Fate2:41
45.War: The Quiet Bloodbath3:55
46.War: Depths of Naraku4:17
47.Machina Kunagiri (Arrangement)2:30
48.Rem Tokimiya (Arrangement)2:42
49.Tempus Finis1:31
50.Machina and Rem5:31
51.Tempus Ratio4:20
52.Vermilion Fire3:02
53.Type Zero7:56
54.Colorful-Falling in Love (Japanese)4:31
55.Colorful-Falling in Love (English)4:29
57.UTAKATA (Instrumental)6:23
58.FINAL FANTASY AGITO: The Beginning of the End2:47
60.Forbidden Fruit4:45
61.My Diamond (Japanese)5:09
62.My Diamond (English)5:09
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