Doctor Who: The Sun Makers

Silva Screen 01/05/2020 Vinyle (0738572156978)


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# Track   Duration
1.Doctor Who Opening Title Theme 
2.Death and Taxes 
4.One Thousand Metres 
5.Six Suns 
6.The Others 
7.Subway 13 
8.Subway 13 (Continued) 
9.A Heart As Big As Your Mouth 
10.A Little Hop 
11.Jelly Babies 
12.Something in the Air 
13.K9, Bite! 
15.The P45 Return Route 
16.The P45 Return Route (Reprise) 
17.Morton's Fork 
18.I've Heard That One, Too 
19.The Rebellion Begins 
20.Static Loop 
21.The Steaming 
22.The Steaming Continued 
23.Gentlemen, Good Luck 
24.Nobody Works Today 
25.The Gatherer Excised 
26.Doctor Who Closing Title Theme (53 Version)" 
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