Synecdoche New York
Record Store Day 2020

Fire Records 20/06/2020 Vinyle - 500 copies (0809236101013)
Film Sortie du film: 2008


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# Track   Duration
Side A
1.Tacky Entrance Music0:42
2.Dmi Thing from When She Was the Kitchen2:32
3.All Plays Out (Fire Sale Version)1:29
4.Dmi Thing in Which New Information is Introduced1:11
5.Forward Motion0:52
6.Something You Can't Return To3:04
7.Sex Based Decision Making1:24
8.Piano One1:20
9.Someone Else's Forward Motion (Posing As Your Own)1:56
10.Dmi We Meet Again?1:24
11.Still Can't Return (Still Trying)1:51
12.Piano Two1:40
# Track   Duration
Side B
2.Can't Return (For the Last Time)1:26
3.Piano Three4:02
5.Little Person3:53
6.Song for Caden3:21
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