Knives Out

Mondo 17/01/2020 Vinyle (0843563123690)


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# Track   Duration
1.Knives Out! (String Quartet in G Minor) 
2.The Thrombey Estate 
3.Like Father, Like Son 
4.The Thrombey Family Theme (Solo Piano) 
# Track   Duration
2.On The Eve of Harlan’s Demise 
3.Harlan’s Plan 
4.The Attic Room 
5.The Game’s Afoot 
6.The Broken Trellis 
# Track   Duration
1.Knives Out! (Pt. II The Will) 
2.Foul Play 
3.The Dumbest Car Chase of All Time 
5.No More Surprises 
# Track   Duration
1.Blanc’s Tale (Pt. I) 
2.Blanc’s Tale (Pt. II) 
3.The Thrombey Family Theme 
4.The Wake (Solo Piano Full Version) 
5.Party People 
6.Walt Doesn't Run Shit 
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