Walt Disney Records 1992 CD (0050086083220)
Walt Disney Records 1992 CD (5099921609428)


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# Track   Duration
2.Carrying the Banner6:13
3.Santa Fe4:17
4.My Lovey-Dovey Baby1:28
5.Fightin' Irish: Strike Action1:49
6.The World Will Know3:19
7.Escape from Snyder2:06
8.Seize the Day2:00
9.King of New York2:24
10.High Times, Hard Times2:52
11.Seize the Day (Chorale)1:10
12.Santa Fe (Reprise)1:48
14.Once and For All2:22
15.The World Will Know (Reprise)1:48
16.Carrying the Banner (Finale)6:20
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