Star Trek Voyager Collection: Volume Two

La-La Land Records 03/12/2019 CD - 3000 copies


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# Track   Duration
Music by Jay Chattaway
1.Star Trek: Voyager Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith)1:46
2.Learning Curve #116: Training Montage*2:21
3.Teamwork Rescue3:58
4.Non Sequitur #122: Don't Leave Me1:55
5.Breaking Into Starfleet/At the Timestream*6:33
6.Sacred Ground #143: Let the Games Begin2:01
7.Snake Bite/Shoreline Visit3:13
8.Leap of Faith/The Big Gamble/Shaken Convictions3:09
9.The Chute #147: Bad View1:31
10.Don't Leave Me/Finish Him2:43
11.Great Escape/When Harry Met Paris*3:11
12.Future's End, Part I #150: Not the Weapon/Breaking & Entering2:11
13.Future's End, Part II #151: Recap/Doc Feels Pain2:25
14.Doc to the Rescue—Chase/Killer Truck4:36
15.Last Kiss—Last Warning/Starling Destroyed/Last Joke4:59
16.Blood Fever #157: Accidents Can Happen*/Torres' Discovery3:43
17.Outdoor Klingon Love/Fight! Fight! Fight!*3:55
18.Scientific Method #175: Deck by Deck Survey2:21
19.One Death Too Many/Aliens Fold4:36
20.Dragon's Teeth #225: Future Armageddon1:25
21.Dead Jisa1:43
23.Vaadwaur Attack/Gedrin Saves the Day3:39
24.Drive #249: Flyer's Test Flight1:31
25.Will You Marry Me?/Just Married4:01
26.Star Trek: Voyager Bumper #1 (Jerry Goldsmith)0:07
# Track   Duration
Music by Dennis McCarthy
1.Star Trek: Voyager Promo #1 (Jerry Goldsmith)0:34
2.Parallax #103: It's Us!*1:25
3.Punching Through/Torres3:40
4.Phage #105: Parts Is Parts4:05
5.Ex Post Facto #108: Smolderosity3:29
6.Into the Web3:18
7.LAPD Planted It1:41
8.Jetrel #115: Enola Gay/Forgiven*3:47
9.The Gift #170: The End Is Near/Final Gift/Red4:53
10.Hope and Fear #194: Montagosity1:50
11.War of the Buttons/The Rescue/Ode to Summer*4:55
12.Timeless #179: Requiem/Love's Loss4:55
13.Slipstream/Into the Ice5:17
14.Success*/From the Future4:12
15.Relativity #218: Mr. Brass/First Bridge*1:49
16.Escape/Forced Confession6:17
17.Chasing/Caught!!/Cause & Effect8:22
18.Renaissance Man #270: One Down3:00
19.Torres Redux/The Kiss2:28
20.Unexpected Help2:39
21.Last Confessions/Bury the Hatchet3:07
22.Star Trek: Voyager Bumper #2 (Jerry Goldsmith)0:07
# Track   Duration
Music by Paul Baillargeon and David Bell
1.Star Trek: Voyager Promo #2 (Jerry Goldsmith):0:18
2.Latent Image #206 (Paul Baillargeon): Missing Scans2:03
3.Fragmented Memories/Setting the Trap4:25
4.Accusations/Restoring Doc's Memories3:24
5.Surprise Attack1:54
6.Playing G-D2:45
7.Nervous Breakdown3:54
8.Beginning to Heal1:26
9.Live Fast and Prosper #242 (Paul Baillargeon): Neelix's Tale/The Database Heist1:34
10.Still Saps3:24
11.Q2 #265 (Paul Baillargeon: 7 of 9 Au Natural/Q2 Unleashes the Borg2:13
12.Q2 Runs Away–Icheb Must Die4:54
13.Judgment Day for Jr./Jane Deflowered1:39
14.The Killing Game, Part I #186 (David Bell): Klingon Janeway Stabbed/Torres Collapses at Nazi Headquarters/Beta Shoots Neelix and 73:25
15.Kim and Doc Plan in Corridor3:03
16.Kim Hit—Jane Into Reality/Nazi HQ Blows Up7:35
17.The Killing Game Part II #187 (David Bell): Recap and Teaser/Betty Grable's Legs2:37
18.Blowing Up Sickbay/Hirogen Officer Shoots Alpha5:16
19.Final Battle Begins/Janeway's Trick–Klingons Arrive6:24
20.Flesh and Blood, Part II #254 (David Bell): How Can I Punish You?*1:19
21.Homestead #269 : Flyer Crash Lands1:41
22.Dexa and Neelix Hold Hands/Dexa and Neelix Kiss1:47
23.Implanting Emitters3:18
24.Neelix Goodbye2:40
25.Star Trek: Voyager Bumper #3 (Jerry Goldsmith)0:07
# Track   Duration
Series Finale and Ends and Odd
1.Star Trek: Voyager Promo #3 (Jerry Goldsmith):0:13
2.Message in a Bottle #181 (Paul Baillargeon): Romulans in Charge/The Prototype Works3:01
3.Everyone's Attacking2:27
4.Holograms Save the Day/No Longer Alone3:53
5.Endgame, Part I & II #271 & 272 (Jay Chattaway)Welcome Home0:52
6.Welcome Home Future/Highrise Playon/To the Journey/ Mysterious Conversation/ Good-Bye Tuvok/Night Time Visit4:19
7.False Alarm/Third Date/Sore Loser/Possible Wormholes/Future Tuvok Upset/Doc Figures It Out/The House of Korath4:46
8.Nebula Soup1:38
9.You're Not Captain Yet/Planning the Next Date0:47
10.Admiral Jane's Trick2:31
11.One Last Time/7 Grabs Chuck/Jane Meets Jane5:01
13.Welcome Aboard/Advice From the Future/Voyager Gets Upgrade1:55
14.Queen Dream1:57
15.Admiral Ready for Borg/I'll Bet on Janeways/Nebula Surprise4:05
16.Checking Out the Hub/Private Walk and Talk/7's Death Revealed/7's Resolve/Harry's Big Speech*2:51
17.Smell the Coffee/Love Is a Risk2:32
18.The Admiral and the Queen2:21
19.The Compromise/Killing the Queen/Prepare for Invasion/End of the Game8:34
20.Endgame Bonus Tracks : A Great Slate0:10
21.Queen Dream (Alternate Take)1:56
22.Harry's Big Speech (Alternate Take)*0:53
23.SOURCE CUES: Renaissance Man #270 (Jay Chattaway): Questa o Quella (Verdi) (Vocal: Robert Picardo)0:40
24.Questa o Quella (Verdi) (Instrumental):0:40
26.Future's End Part II #151 (Jay Chattaway): Salsa Music0:36
27.Island Blues0:45
28.Soap Opera0:49
29.Jetrell #115 (Dennis McCarthy): Go to Jail (Accordion)1:03
30.Non Sequitur #122 (Jay Chattaway): Accordion Source4:55
31.Renaissance Man #270 (Jay Chattaway): Blue Danube (Strauss) (Instrumental)0:57
32.Latent Image #206 (Paul Baillargeon): Janeway's Piano4:22
33.Star Trek: Voyager End Credits-Version 2 (Jerry Goldsmith)1:03
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Star Trek Voyager Collection: Volume 2

La-La Land Records et CBS sont fiers de présenter Star Trek Voyager Collection - Volume 2, le deuxième volume en quatre CD de partitions passionnantes tirés de la série télévisée Star Trek: Voyager, série mettant en vedette Kate Mulgrew, Tim Russ et Jeri Ryan.

La-La Land Records et CBS sont fiers de présenter Star Trek Voyager Collection - Volume 2, le deuxième volume en quatre CD de partitions passionnantes tirés de la série télévisée Star Trek: Voyager, série mettant en vedette Kate Mulgrew, Tim Russ et Jeri Ryan.

Les compositeurs de la série Jay Chattaway, Dennis McCarthy, David Bell et Paul Baillargeon continuent d'exploiter musicalement tout le drame, le cœur, l'action et les merveilles de l'univers Star Trek, créant des partitions mémorables pour des épisodes notables tels que «Sacred Ground», «Future's End I & II, ”“ Renaissance Man ”,“ Latent Image ”,“ Q2 ”,“ The Killing Game I & II ”,“ Endgame I & II ”etc….

DISC 1 contient de la musique de Jay Chattaway,
DISC 2 présente Dennis McCarthy,
DISC 3 met en valeur la musique de David Bell et Paul Baillargeon.
DISC 4 comprend la finale de la série, des thèmes sources et autres

Cet album est produit par Ford A. Thaxton, James Nelson, Mark Banning et Lukas Kendall et édité et masterisé par James Nelson,
Cette édition spéciale limitéeà 3 000 exemplaires comprend un livret de 40 pages avec des notes détaillées et exclusives de Randall. D. Larson. La conception artistique est de Mark Banning.

Tracking information:
* Contient le Thème de Star Trek: Voyager par Jerry Goldsmith

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